What began with a small enterprise and a dream has grown — 20 years later — into one of the largest construction companies in Vietnam, with a growing presence in several large-scale projects. Throughout The 36’ s history, we have built roads that connect the world, erect buildings that shelter people, built the power plants that light the dark. We build. We mine. We shape the landscape and create energy solutions. And we do it all with integrity, never compromising our ethics. Our core values today remain our company’s cornerstone and are the sum of our business ethics conduct. The core values comprise of:


We care about the happiness of our people, ensuring the people can do their best to succeed.
  • We ensure zero harm at workplace.
  • Our health and our families are top priority.
  • We treat our people with respect trọng.
  • We provide the best training to our staff at all levels.
  • We communicate with an open, constructive, and honest manner.


We are passionate about excellence and doing our work right the first time. Our reputation depends on our delivered value in the eyes of every customer and community.
  • We commit to excellence in all we do.
  • We encourage new and innovative ideas with forward thinking.
  • We commit our clients to the best quality and schedule.
  • We accept challenges and competitiveness.
  • We build our work right the first time.


We do business with the special care of communities and the environment, creating a sustainable for our next generation.
  • We act today with the future in mind.
  • We support communities and societies, alleviating poverty and ensuring equity.
  • We protect the natural environment for our future generation.
  • We pursue peace, happiness, and civilized society.


We are uncompromising in our integrity, honesty, and fairness. We have the highest ethical standards in the industry. We “do the right thing. Our business is based on trust”
  • Operational and financial records are maintained accurately and truthfully.
  • We conduct our business and personal affairs with the highest levels of integrity.
  • We take responsibility and accountability for all our words and actions.
  • We are honest, straightforward and deal fairly with everyone.